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Are you ready to become a vibrant & healthy version of yourself? 

You life isn’t working the way your wanted to and that’s why you are here. Perhaps the weight has been creeping on for the last few years. You’re stressed out, tired and drained by life and its constant demands. Maybe you don’t know where to get the help you need to get back on track. After all, it’s not like you’re really ‘sick’ – you just know there is something better for you. Let me help you to feel happy in your skin again.


I'm Lena, a Nutritional Therapist and a Yoga Teacher. I use a combination of nutrition, yoga, massage and coaching to help busy women just like you get back on top of their game even if they are really busy, burned out and feel they haven't got much energy left at the end of the day.


I offer the range of programmes, including my new 1-day retreats, where I will come into your home and  help reset your health and mindset in one day. 


I know what it feels like being burned out and not in control of your life. Now I help my clients transform their health and body by motivating them to eat better, move more and create the life they love. Let me show you how you can enjoy your life and feel in control once again without disturbing your diary.


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What my clients say

''Absolutely recommended! I had never practised yoga before and I have a herniated disc and I was in pain. Lena taught me how to breathe and how to listen to my body and was very attentive during practice. Meditation was also an incredible experience.'' Anna H., Spain

''Lena had been an absolute life saver! I have been suffering with various allergies for many years now. Tried everything from doctors to a variety of healers, herbalists etc. Lena looked at my diet and lifestyle and by making some tweaks to it, managed to get to the bottom of my problem and now I am even able to have a sneaky cake or two. On top of it she gave me some brilliant fertility advice which made getting pregnant much easier and stress free. Definitely money well spent! '' Julia C., UK

''I spent a week in a yoga retreat with Lena as my teacher. I couldn't have found a better one. I felt so comfortable in our classes. Lena took her time to ask us about any preferences, health issues or body parts we'd like to work on. I really enjoyed my time with Lena and would go for another yoga class with her immediately. Thank you so much for your caring and lovely way to teach us yoga. I really loved it!''