Meet Lena

From a very young age, I have been passionate about alternative medicine and taking a holistic approach to health. My goal is to support you to adopt positive, incremental changes in a fun and achievable way. 


I left my homeland of Latvia in 2006 to move to the UK where I completed a bachelor’s degree in International Business and subsequently graduated from the well-respected College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM). I was employed by Pukka Herbs (2014 - 2018) as a herbal advisor, giving specialist advice to practitioners. This served to further my knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine.


My professional career has taken me across Europe and Asia. Each time I enjoy establishing a strong rapport with clients of different cultural backgrounds and age groups.


My global travels have introduced me to the benefits of Eastern health practices. I am taking an open-minded approach and embrace the benefits of health practices both the East and the West have to offer.


In addition to knowledge of biomedicine, anatomy and physiology my nutrition training offered me , I have qualifications in yoga, chakra and sound healing, and meditation.

My multidisciplinary approach allows me to combine these modalities to give my private practice a truly unique level of depth.


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