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Detox - do we really need it?

Do our bodies really need help with the natural process of ‘detoxification’? The health food and beauty markets are flooded with various detoxifying and cleansing products. Are they a necessity or a marketing trick? Surely our bodies have an innate ability to detoxify, and our main cleansing organs, the liver, kidneys and intestines, are working on it as we speak? Indeed they are, but those frequent headaches, skin outbreaks or a lack of energy may be just a few of the many signs that your body may need a little help with detoxifying.

Over the past hundred years we have seen a sharp increase in the amount of industrial pesticides and herbicides, additives, processed foods and heavy metals being taken in by our bodies through our food, cosmetics and worse of all - the air we breathe. Our main detoxifying organs can become overloaded as a result, and our insides could well benefit from an occasional detox!

So what are toxins and how do we minimise our toxic load? Toxins are potentially harmful compounds that are capable of inducing disease in the human body. In our industrialised environment these toxic compounds can be found in air, water, processed foods, medications and so on, as well as in cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, for example.

Taking into consideration that we inhale on average 7 -8 litres of air per minute it is crucial to consider the air around you as a main source of polution. In addition, many people‘s diets are lacking the vital nutrients needed to assist in efficient detoxification. Don’t despair, however; there are a number of small changes that we can make which, over time, will lead to major improvements in health and wellbeing. Click here to learn about different strategies of minimising your current toxic load.

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