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Minimising your toxic exposure

Last week we touched on the topic of toxins - where do they come from and why do we need to detoxify our organs? This week we will be looking at various ways to minimise your exposure to toxic load.

The sensible place to start is by NOT introducing more toxins into our bodies in the first place! Switch to an organic diet where possible or at the very least, stay away from the “Dirty Dozen” vegetables and fruits listed as having a higher pesticide load, and consider switching to organic versions of these.

Switching to natural skincare is also very important, as there are many additives in cosmetics and skincare which are known health hazards.

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Why not reduce your consumption of skincare and cosmetics alltogether, and try natural oils, such as coconut oil, as a moisturiser? Replace processed foods with as many whole foods and fresh vegetables as possible. Drinking adequate amounts of pure water (six to eight glasses a day) is also crucial step in eliminating toxins.

There are a number of simple steps we can take to help cleansing take place in our bodies, outside and inside: gentle skin brushing; starting the day with lemon juice in warm water; and eating more leafy, green vegetables. Some gentle exercise, a sauna session once a week, or taking Epsom salt baths can support the process. One of the biggest sources of the pollutants come from air - spending more time in the fresh air should definitely be your priority.

Before you start on any detox programme, it’s important to ensure that your bowel movement is regular (at least once a day), so that toxins are not being reabsorbed into the blood stream and putting yet more strain on the liver.

As with all wellness programs, we recommend you contact your physician before starting. A detox programme supervised by the professional, can be a useful staging post on your journey to better health, but looking at your diet and lifestyle in greater detail and introducing basic changes is the only sustainable way to support your health goals.

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