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Here's what some of my clients say about working with me

''I’ve started working with Lena on analyzing and improving my diet at the end of my second pregnancy and I managed to achieve all the goals that we’ve set in the beginning. Looking back makes me very proud of this incredible result! Lena provided me with the necessary guidance to prepare my body for birth and breastfeeding. She was very attentive to my individual needs, highly professional and focused. Her platform allowed for a flexible schedule which was vital during the first period after birth. Lena also supported me with healthy and simple recipes boosting my immune system during the unexpected COVID-19 lockdown which has happened right in the course of my nutritional journey. I believe the key to success was that despite all the challenges we have managed to find effective and simple solutions setting realistic goals one week after another in order to make habits both regarding my nutrition and my lifestyle. Will stick to my new healthy habits and will make sure they stick also for my kids!'' 

Anna L., Switzerland

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''Lena had been an absolute lifesaver! I have been suffering with various allergies for many years now. Tried everything from doctors to a variety of healers, herbalists etc. Lena looked at my diet and lifestyle and by making some tweaks to it, managed to get to the bottom of my problem and now I am even able to have a sneaky cake or two. On top of it, she gave me some brilliant fertility advice which made getting pregnant much easier and stress-free. Definitely, money well spent! ''


Julija C., UK


''I am a 70-year old male. Just over a year ago, when I received the results of my annual cholesterol level blood test, I was also informed by the GP surgery that my HbA1c (glycated haemoglobin) level had also been measured and indicated that I was pre-diabetic. Lena dealt sensitively with questions that could have caused embarrassment, took copious notes and advised me that it was far preferable to fix the problem naturally before it became full-blown type 2 diabetes requiring metformin and the possibility of unpleasant side effects. A few days later I received written guidance on diet and lifestyle changes. Weight was not a problem (BMI of 22.5 at the time) so the emphasis was on diet and exercise.

​The changes in diet that Lena recommended were not that onerous: much of it boiled down to ‘sensible eating’ supported by her extensive knowledge of nutrition. The exercise part of the recommendation has now become part of my life and entails doing a 2-mile walk when the weather is OK and I’m not stuck in an office.


Lena certainly contributed significantly to the reversal of my increased blood sugar level, without the use of the drugs. End result – one year later my HbA1c level is now firmly in the ‘normal’ range in spite of me having suffered stress through losing my wife five months ago. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lena’s expertise in dealing with ‘natural’ ways of becoming a healthier person’’.


John C., UK

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''Had a great experience with Lena! Her yoga classes are absolutely great. She is a thorough teacher and expert on different styles. She is also very knowledgeable about adapting the nutrition to what your body needs. To sum up, with her holistic approach Lena can help you do the very best for your body and soul.''


Alice., Switzerland